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Possibility of Portuguese from Portugal?

I love that Duolingo offer an option to learn Portuguese, but is it possible to get an option to learn the Portuguese spoken in Portugal, as well as the one spoken in Brazil. Although they are both Portuguese, but they're both spoken very differently, and have different names for different things.

Anyone else agree?

May 11, 2018



Yes, I agree. I would like to learn the Portuguese language as spoken in Portugal and not the Brazillian tongue.


I'm portuguese from Angola and I live in Portugal. By the way the oficial language in Angola is Portuguese. I need help in English and Spanish and I can help with Portuguese from Portugal. My WhatsApp number is +351 968 128 135


Check out Memrise for European Portuguese


It will help you with the accent and grammar. Keep doing Duo once you have the accent solidified.


I very much agree with you... I’m desperate to improve my European Portuguese and I’d love this, but unfortunately I feel like Izim_M’s right. I don’t know if Duolingo will add Euro Portuguese anytime soon

[deactivated user]

    They won't because then there would be requests for British English and Spain's Spanish.


    Former moderator Luís Domingos from Portugal made a formal request to the headquarters in Pittsburgh for a course focused on EuPt (different grammar and vocabulary), but the request was denied (probably due to limited resources).

    Duolingo is based in the US with American investors. It is to be expected that the Portuguese taught is Brazilian, the Spanish is Latin American, and the English is American English.

    I believe that there are European companies teaching language courses with an emphasis on the language as it is spoken in Europe. The audio on the web site "Reverso Context" is definitely EuPt. This is an excellent course for EuPt: https://www.practiceportuguese.com


    I can help you


    You can do the FREE 100days PT EU/Portugal course www.50languages.com (I only tried PT BR!) with native speaker recorded MP3s.

    www.Mondly.com has two course variants, but I am only doing PT BR right now.
    It definitely helps to have finished the DuoLingo EN-PT tree with all grammar skills before.

    On www.Memrise.com you can also find PT EU courses.

    Have you already tried "Michel Thomas" for PT EU?


    I have tried many applications/websites to learn the European Portuguese, but I like the learning technique on Duolingo


    Yes, I hereby confess I'd love that too. However, I'm extremely happy about being offered the PT-BR course and in no way do I see Brazilian Portuguese second to European Portuguese. I love them both, really.

    By the way, could it be that the ghost in "Três desejos" from Duolingo Stories speaks PT-PT? Or am I mislead by my hearing? :)

    [deactivated user]

      No, it's Brazillian the same.


      Yes, both of they have many differences, but is portuguese some things has differents names too.

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