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"Voi nu citiți cartea."

Translation:You do not read the book.

4 months ago



Is there a way to remember which read to use? Same with writing? I am finding no patterns with which one to use

4 months ago

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The ending of the verb changes depending on the subject pronoun used (like in English "I eat" but "he eats").
The verb a citi conjugates like this:

Eu citesc - I read
Tu citești - you (singular) read
El/ea citește - he/she reads
Noi citim - We read
Voi citiți - You (plural) read
Ei/ele citesc - They read

There are a few different conjugation patterns, for instance the verb a scrie - to write follows a different one, but there are similarities across conjugations, for instance the tu form always ends in -i, the noi form in -m and the voi form in -ți.

Eu scriu
Tu scrii
El/ea scrie
Noi scriem
Voi scrieți
Ei/ele scriu

4 months ago


Thank you so much for this I was sort of confused too

3 months ago