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How can I switch back to English?

I signed up for the course, but am struggling with the menus because my Hindi reading ability is bad. Can anyone point me on the right places to click to revert to English menus? Thanks!

April 24, 2014

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(I didn't know where to post this. I will happily re-post somewhere else if you can recommend where, and even break it up into different topics, if needs be).

Jitengore, in the absence of a "Hindi for English Speakers" I switched my language of study "FFES" (French for English Speakers) to "EFHS" (English for Hindi Speakers) yesterday and have been thrilled to (laboredly) practice some Hindi. Navigation of the site with interface in Devanagari script is slow, granted, so I thought I would remain in this language for a while until deciding to resume the French. As I was working on some "Hindi" this evening, my phone app notified me that I needed to meet my daily goal in French. From what I gather from some wiki's, the goal set is specific for the target (original) language.

So even if I have accumulated experience points in another language, which will keep my overl daily streak going, do I still have to practice the target language to keep THAT streak going, too?

Also, every time I want to switch from "EFHS" to "FFES", will I need to reselect my "native" language from the drop-down menu? That seems like a lot of steps. Couldn't there be some simpler way to keep both languages in my personal language bank?

I was nervous that I would lose all my levels and progress in the first course when I finally switched back, but luckily, that doesn't seem to be the case.

I suggest that for any course related to Hindi, there be an integrated Devanagari keyboard on the screen. It is a big pain in the neck to have to switch tabs on the computer to get to a different site with a keyboard. I KNOW one can download keyboards and such, but I strongly believe that DL can do it! DL has thoughtfully included a "special characters bank" on the screen for when one needs to type phrases with French characters when they're on the website app, so it wouldn't be a big stretch to add a keyboard for Devanagari. This will save many people so much time.

A compliment for the phone app version: I appreciate being able to select from word banks periodically instead of having to type every single phrase out (in whichever language) in each screen! It allows me to progress more quickly through the lessons.

Thanks, Moso


I'm not sure where this Q belongs either but it's a good on and if there is a simple solution found I would love to know!

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