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" nunca vuelves a casa temprano."

Translation:You never come back home early.

May 11, 2018



So it accepts 'you never come back home' but not 'you never come home'? That's just bizarre.

July 4, 2018


"Come back" is different from "Come". Come in Spanish is: "venir"

March 25, 2019


I totally agree! Help...the frustration is unbearable! Hahaha.

July 4, 2018


report it, i already reported this.

July 9, 2018


"You never come home early." should be accepted. In the USA we don't necessarily need the BACK before home.

July 4, 2018


"Come" and "come back" don't have the same meaning. Even in US English, "come back" is a verb phrase that means "return".


March 23, 2019


Just for interest, I tried three versions of the English in SpanishDict's online translator. This submits to up to 3 online engines. Whilst there were other suggestions as well, these four caught my eye:

You never go home early = Nunca vas a casa temprano

You never come home early = Nunca llegas a casa temprano

You never go back home early = Nunca vuelves a casa temprano

You never come back home early = Nunca vuelves a casa temprano

It seems the trigger for "volver" is "back".

September 21, 2018


Now this is getting frustrating! What is wrong with, 'You never come home early'! I think this reads much better.

July 4, 2018


"Return home" is accepted, and "reads" no worse.

March 28, 2019


Obviously the database is not as sophisticated as we would like.

December 4, 2018


I put you never return to the house early and it says its wrong? seriously?

September 19, 2018


There is a really tiny nuance difference between "a la casa" ("to the house," maybe anybody's house) and "a casa" (literally: "to house"), which we would take in English to mean "to home."

September 30, 2018


Why can't you say, "You never come home early." (returning home is implied)

July 4, 2018


"Come" is "venir".


"Returning home" might be implied, but "come" and "return" are different words in both English and Spanish.

March 28, 2019


"back" is implied in English because you live at home so obviously you are returning there. "you never come home early" is more natural and less clunky than "you never come back home early"

July 15, 2018



March 28, 2019


"you never return home early", for me this sounds right ? but was not sccepted

October 4, 2018


'You never get home early' is a common way of expressing this in England but of course it was rejected. With all the languages I have learned I was taught to express the idea rather than translate literally but DL seems to prefer the latter which can sound very awkward to a native speaker

June 6, 2019


Perhaps "you never come home early" works as well? Or perhaps I'm missing a detail here...

May 11, 2018


They accepted "you never go home early". It's strange that return, come back and go are all mixed up in this word "volver"

June 15, 2018


I wrote you never come home early, and this is more agreeable to English expression. this is marked wrong. correction is you never go home early. Vuelve should be more closely resemble come, if want to say go home, shouldn´t be °ir casa°.

July 22, 2018


Why do you use a after vuelves

July 31, 2018


"a" means "to" vuelves a casa....return to the house.

July 31, 2018


I said "You never return to the house early", and it was marked wrong. I know it doesn't sound really natural, but it seems like it could be correct. Not sure.

August 24, 2018

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If it's just "casa", it's "home".
If it's "la casa", it's "the house".

March 5, 2019


i said the same as you. i think that they want "return home" not return "to the house"

August 24, 2018


Since it doesn't feel really natural, try a better, more "natural" and succinct phrase -- "return home."

March 28, 2019


It's correct to say you never come home early. Back is implied

July 31, 2018


'Come home' is the synonym of 'come back' - please don't make me write incorrect sentences.

August 8, 2018


"You never come home early" now accepted by DL 8/9/18

September 8, 2018


"You never go home early" also accepted.

March 26, 2019


This does not make sense. YOUNEVER COME BACK HOME= THE PERSON/S IS NOT EXPECTED TO go back. You never come home early is FINE. Just skip using the word BACK, or use the verb return!!

September 22, 2018


Return vs come back? That is getting too picky. Is there any reason not to accept return? What am I missing?

December 29, 2018


You never come home early means the same thing in English, and most English speakers in the U.S. would leave out the 'back.' You never come back to the house early also means the same thing and should be acceptable.

March 1, 2019


What's the difference between 'volver' and 'regresar'?

May 23, 2019


Should "You never return to home early" be accepted? Return was okay for another question for the word.

July 7, 2019


... "return home", not "return to home".

July 7, 2019
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