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Why repeat one sentence a hundred times?

I thought the purpose of higher crown levels was to make exercises more difficult. Instead I get to practice

X 的电话 (号码) 是 XXXX

and nothing else in one session. On top of that the sessions in chinese appear to be several times longer than in other courses. That makes training beyond crown level 1 an absolute waste of time.

Compare that with Spanish, where sessions have (1) varying sentence structures and encorporate (2) words from other skills, and there is a (3) noticable increase in difficulty for each crown level.

Can Duolingo please stop holding my hand so much in Chinese?

May 11, 2018



A Shaolin proverb comes to mind:

"Don't fear the 10,000 KungFu moves I've practiced one time, fear the one KungFu move I've practiced 10,000 times."

What I want to know is, why do I need to learn to count to ten, ask for one's surname, and say "You are happy, I am happy too," before I learn how to say "Thank you"?


I do notice a great deal of repetition especially at the last level for the crown. For "Occupation" there are 15 lessons. I do notice that they also unlock the next lessons, so you can toggle back and forth to the next ones to get variety and practice, which is probably what is intended.

Another way to get variety is to seek out other methods of learning and studying such as HelloChiniese which I like very much.


I will say as you get into level 3 in spanish or french for crown levels-you practice pretty much the same set of sentences over and over again-it doesn't necessarily get harder it's just repetition.


I get crown level 1 and then move on


I think session links vary through the tree more than they do for Chinese. In other languages, the most common length overall is 20, but at the top they're shorter. In Chinese, I think they're more the same length throughout.

Chinese also, I think, has fewer sentences per skill than other courses. This is in part because it's newer I suspect but also because it's trying to teach the language in smaller chunks (older trees are moving in this direction, too) and there's not much in the way of things like verb conjugations to worry about.

Overall, I see more difficulty gradation in other trees than Chinese with clear transition with things like more translation into the target language - without the answer box option, and write-what-you-hear. These types of exercises are missing for Chinese, so the difficulty gradient is much reduced. Hopefully these features will eventually be activated for Chinese.

At the end of the day, though, Chinese is a much more difficult language than the ones you're comparing to, and for the learner with no background in the language, it's going to take a lot of repetition. If you can move on having mastered the content after only attaining crown level 1, that's great, but that is by no means the common situation. By all means, do what's best for you.


Agreed, if I'm going to spend time in say 'Number', 20 levels, I'd love to see the numbers get more difficult with numbers into the 100s, possibly 1000s by the time I get to the last level.


I love the repetition. I wish the crowns went higher though. The repetition helps me reinforce it in.


I've noticed the same. I think they are solving that problem, for sure!


Humm..., actually I don't think you can compare Chinese to Spanish. Chinese is another thing all together. Living in China and practicing every day and and night I still can't compete with those who are new English learners. You can practice for years and not be able to read the signs in shops, understand what people say, or be understood by people. The Hanzi characters and the tonal quality of the language and the seemingly endless variations of both are a unique challenge. 我是墨西哥人.

[deactivated user]

    It’s so you get it stuck in your head and won’t forget that’s what I would do too!


    repetition!!! very helpful in having things drummed into you. i agree its nice to have more variety but this teaches you the basics that you can go onto expand.


    Actually, it is to make sure you will not just learn and retain it, but it will be marked on your mind that it will be natural for you when you come to speak to Chinese people. Be patient, Confucius itself taught us that patience is a virtue.


    Repetition is the mother of learning, in general. But that one specific lesson where every single freakin sentence is X 的电话号码是多少, anybody could tell you that's not good instructional technique.


    i know right, I keep having to repeat a chinese sentence alot of time too

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