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  5. "We have to pay the tax."

"We have to pay the tax."

Translation:Tenemos que pagar el impuesto.

May 11, 2018



'Nosotros tenemos'...? Is this correct?


I used "la tasa" and it was incorrect.


Me too. La tasa is a valid translation and is used through out the Duo course for "the tax".


la tasa is now also accepted. Since Duo never explained the difference, I looked it up and if I understand correctly, impuesto is like VAT and tasa is like a fee for example for public services. Tasa is also used as "tax rate" = "tasa de impuesto"


It seems "tasa" should be correct since we don't know the context. Here is all I could find regarding the difference between "tasa" and "impuesto":

"Impuesto": is a "tributo" with no compensation levied on facts that reveal the economic capacity of a person.

"Contribuciones especiales": “tributos” that one must pay when their goods show an added value as a result of public activity, such as public works or new public services.

“Tasa”: is a “tributo” that one must pay for using public dominion or using public services (when they are not in competition with private ones, because then it would not be a “tributo”, a tax, but a “precio público” a “public price”).

Still confused as to why "tasa" was rejected. Maybe a native could "translate" for us?

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