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Language of Ancestors

I think its time i start to learn the language of my ancestors, " is anyone else learning Ukrainian because their family or ancestors are also Ukrainian ? ''.

I am 5th generation Ukrainian Canadian, my family has been in Canada well over 100 years now, sadly like most other Ukrainians at the time felt oppressed and they did not teach their Canadian born children the language from the Old country thus I only grew up speaking English.

As i became older i found my love for language learning, I can speak English and German fluently, my Spanish is around A2, and now i think it is time to learn the language and culture to what i belong to.

Happy Learning !!!

May 11, 2018



I started to learn it because I just have a lot of sympahty for Ukraine.

I'm fluent in Russian and my mother tongue is Bulgarian. But I stopped because It started to mix in my head with the Russian, they are just too similar. And Russian I feel is just more practical.

But I wish you luck with Ukrainian.

[deactivated user]

    Tak, I am first -generation Ukrainian-Canadian and excited to start learning it. Best success to you.


    I have started working on my family tree. My ancestors come from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Austria and Hungary. I am starting with Russian because its probably the hardest lol.


    I like the melodic rhythm of Ukranian language.


    Hello there

    I'm from Ukraine and since you have Ukrainian roots I think it's a good decision to start learning Ukrainian language, so, way to go!

    I know there are a lot of Canadians with Ukrainian roots and most of them cannot speak Ukrainian. There's nothing wrong with it since you live in English/French speaking country. Once you will learn Ukrainian you will be able to understand other Slavic languages.


    Hello Sergey, My great grandparents came from Ukraine. Can you tell me if you ever heard of Galatia or Rybne? These are two areas that have come up while working on my family tree.


    Hello! I haven't heard about Rybne. I found out it's some village in Western Ukraine. And what is Galatia? Did you mean Galicia?


    yes I meant Galicia. Sorry auto correct put that lol. i appreciate your insights.

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