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German-speakers wanted!

It seems to be quite a popular idea that I try to make some videos to go alongside each Duolingo skill (original post) - but to do that I'd need some native German speakers to provide any German dialogue, ideally in a couple of different accents to help people to tune into German better.

If any of you are lurking in these forums then please let me know if you'd be interested in helping.

If not I'll find some elsewhere, and I'll make some videos once I'm home from the holidays.

May 11, 2018

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could you be more specific? like:

what would be the calculated effort of time one would have to invest?

where will the videos be made (like wich city in germany)?

how are you planing to set this up?

do you have the necessary equipment, if not what are you planing to do about it?

how many people are needed?

how much will all of this cost? etc.

i think those are important factors. i for one can't just agree without knowing the details. beeing interested in helping is one thing, the organisation of all that to make it real, is something else. personaly i think it might be easier to organize this with people who are living in your area (and who you know in person)? i mean the people helping you with the speaking part have to be on place then the video is made, right? if that is the case you have to find a time and a place that are (more or less) convinient for everyone involved.

plus: if i get it right you are planing to do a whole series of this videos. so this would continue on. everytime you are making a video, you will have to choose a location and a time and try to make it fit in with everyone who is helping. and for the helpers who live far away: they will have huge traveling expenses for each time and they might need a place to stay over.

to be honest: i am not quite sure if you are aware of how big your project really is.

don't get me wrong: i do think it is a good idea, but there are a lot of things you have to organize and think through before you can set it up. because of this i think it would be easier (and probably cheaper) to do it with people from your region.

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