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preventing decay, restoring decay

I am very glad that duolingo has sections decay after a short amount of time, because revision is essential to keeping the language active.

However, I have a few questions about how this works:

  1. What can I do to prevent units from decaying? Do I have to go into the unit and revise all the lessons? Or go into the unit and "Practice Skill"? Or will "Practice all skills" on the home page prevent decay?

  2. To restore decayed lessons, do I have to do those lessons? Or will other options (as above) work?

  3. Does the decay period increase for lessons which have decayed and been reviewed several times?

Thanks for any information!

March 24, 2013



Practice all skills will cure all decay eventually. It seems to do it approximately for a module at a time (due to vocabulary size is my guess). Practicing in a specific module will clear it up faster though.


Thank you. Any idea on the decay period increasing?
The idea of "spaced repetition" is that you review something with increasing intervals: initially you have to repeat something frequently, but after a while it just needs refreshing occasionally.


We do use spaced repetition. The more you practice a word, the less often you have to practice it.


Thank you, that's good to know, and I'm glad it's there. When you guys eventually get a FAQ made, could you give some information about how your spacing works? Thanks!


No idea, but I am sick of getting some of the basic words all the time. EDIT: oooh, you can opt out of them manually now! Awesome. There's a checkbox for each word if you drill into the vocabulary.


Where do you find that option?


It's only visible for decayed words for some reason. Not sure if it works though.


On the web site (not the app) home page click on "vocabulary" at the top of the screen. The click on a word that is not at full strength. On the right side there should be two buttons, one to practice the word, and the other the remove it from the list of words to practice.


I think the restores are completely random; three a day no matter how many you do or how many times it cracks the self same skill. Just ignore them. I'm sick of them taking up time. I know what I need to practice.

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