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Switch from wordbanks to keyboard in the app.

Hello. Is there a way to switch from using wordbanks to using the keyboard in the app? I'm learning Chinese, and feel using the keyboard makes me actually learn. Using the wordbanks is really bad for a language where you have to memorize hundreds of thousands of characters. For a while I was only able to use the keyboard, but since a few days the app is only giving me wordbanks.

May 11, 2018



The keyboard used to work on the app when I started learning (a few weeks ago) and now it's gone and I don't know if I touched something... Do you think I can have it back or did they just removed the option?

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I know it's not a great solution, but until duolingo decides to stop crippling the app version (probably never) you can use a browser on your phone to access the website, and there you can switch to the keyboard. Another option is to switch to a different app altogether. The ones focusing on Asian languages often do a better job with them than Duolingo does.


+1 I also want to use the keyboard for input and wonder how this is possible


I have the opposite problem - it suddenly forced me to use the keyboard instead of a word bank, but doesn't accept traditional characters (which are used where I live). And there's no way to switch back!


Maybe try deleting the app and reinstalling.

I had the option to use the keyboard in the app but when my free trial ended and my paid subscription began, the keyboard disappeared. I deleted the app from my iPad and reinstalled and the keyboard option reappeared.


Yes this is right and worked for me on Android Samsung


I'm having this same problem in the Arabic course. It gave my the keyboard option and then at some point it took it away. Any idea how to get it back without deleting? So frustrating.

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