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  5. "Tú hablas francés."

" hablas francés."

Translation:You speak French.

May 11, 2018



You are speaking French should be accepted.


Sorry, but it shouldn't. I know that that is tricky for English speaker, but Spanish Presente cannot always be translated as To be + -ing form. In this particular case, "Tú hablas francés", there is nothing to tell us that the action is currently on-going. It's not a description, it's more of a habit or an ability. Thus, it should be translated as "You speak French"


Sorry , but it should.

Lou is correct.

It doesn't matter whether or not we can tell whether an action is currently going or not. Makes no difference. It's immaterial. Means nothing as far as all the possible ways a sentence can be trabslated is concerned. We need to learn all the ways that are possible.

”Tú hablas francé." translates as "You speak French."


"You are speaking French."

Gerunds are seldom used in Spanish. There is a small lesson about them about two miles ahead in the lessons. A long ways. And it is no big deal. One can get by without it just fine.


Amine, I believe that you may be confusing the English present progressive with the Spanish. Lou is correct.


It is you speak French


The direction was to type what I heard, not translate what I heard.


I agree with Amine. Amen girl


The normal speed audio sounds like "Tú arles francés" - I listened a bunch of times, that was an "r" sound, not "b". Is that an acceptable variant of Spanish? I reported it.


Once again, the microphone is connected and working, but the desktop marks the audio as wrong, it doesn't even give me a chance to speak!


This voice is grating


You speak French , is a question, Do you speak French, isn't this also a question in its same.


Hey y'all, I was just wondering why it is when you speak the sentences, sometimes the words spoken show up blue, and sometimes show up gray-ish. That was a kinda bad explanation, but does anyone know what I mean? Thank you!


This question is about 60 hours into this course - this is for idiots- it should be on leve1 not 12

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