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"The cat and the dog are running onto the street."

Translation:Die Katze und der Hund laufen auf die Straße.

May 11, 2018



Why is rennen not accepted here? Doesn't it mean "to run" as well?


"Die Katze und der Hund rennen auf die Straße" is an accepted translation.


Please explain auf die Strasse.


"Auf" is a two-way preposition, which means that the subsequent article can be either accusative ("die") or dative ("der") depending on context.

The notes on this exercise (which are available on Web and iOS but not Android grumble) state that "If there's movement from one place to another, use the accusative case", and "If there's no movement, or if there's movement within a certain place, use the dative case."

In this case, there is "movement from one place to another" implied, which results in the accusative "die Strasse". Does that answer your question?

(Answering this question helped me understand two-way prepositions better, so thank you!)


To avoid confusion, the noun "Strasse" is originally feminine, and so has the article "die" in the Nominative/Accusative form and "der" in the Dative/Genitive form.


I still believe that here should be dative. One of the other sentences in this lesson is 'Auf der Straße laufen Pferde' (dative). The logic should be the same...


In one case one has the horses "on the street", being on the street to begin with and still on the street (same place) - dative for the two-way preposition. In the other one has the cat and the dog running "onto the street", that is, starting OFF the street and proceeding ONTO the street (from one place to another) - accusative for two-way preposition.


Rennen was marked incorrect. 11/9/18


Why not lauft? One cat and one dog


Because 2 animals are the subjects, you use the plural "laufen".


It's the same as in English: you say "the cat and the dog are running" not "the cat and the dog is running"


I typed "Die Katze und der Hund laufen auf die Straße." It said I was correct and that another correct answer was "Die Katze und der Hund laufen auf die Straße." O-o-o-kay?


"rennen" is a correct answer and must not be rejected. This is wrong. Fix this.


why is 'rennen' incorrect? it's the same thing smh


Is it not worth mentioning that you aren't ever likely to hear "onto the street" in English? We'd say "into the street."


Can we say: aufs street (instead of auf die Straße or even die Straße entlang?)

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