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  5. "I adore your new recipes."

"I adore your new recipes."

Translation:J'adore tes nouvelles recettes !

March 24, 2013



Sorry, I meant why isn't tes correct


"tes" should be correct.


why not nouveaux, isn't it plural?


nouveaux is masculine plural, and recette is feminine: nouvelles


Hi sitesurf. I put both nouvelles and nouveaux thinking I would be marked wrong for one of them but both were marked correct. Has Duo made a mistake?


Hi there! I think Duo made a mistake because "recettes" is definitely feminine, so only "nouvelles" is correct.


Thank you sitesurf. I was happy with "nouvelles" and if I were brusque enough, I would have stuck with it. But, and at this stage, it is a big "but"; the exceptions gave me doubt and so (not minding in the least to lose a heart or even have to retry the whole task) I used the both to see which was correct. Still not being comfortable with Duo's "you are correct", I asked you and as usual, you come to the rescue. I have posted it all to "report a problem" by the way. I posted here in case any other student came across the same thing. Thank you for your assistance.


why isn't tes correct


It's apparently not okay to use "ton" instead of "tes" (and "votre" instead of "vos")? Is the possessive plural because we're talking about recipes?


"recettes" is a feminine word. So the singular of "tes/vos recettes" would be "ta/votre recette".


so when do you use nouvelle/nouveau?


When something is new to you (but not necessarily band new = never used) or to mean "latest".


why can't I say recettes nouvelles? I thought you could do that in French.


There is a guide: "B A N G S" (Beauty/Ugliness, Age, Number, Goodness/Badness, Size{except when referring to persons}). These adjectives nearly always precede the noun they modify. Nouvelles aligns with "Age" and thus precedes the noun "Recettes"


I was getting ready to ask "❤❤❤?", but then you went "BANGS!" and I was like "well maybe I WILL learn French". Thanks for the mnemonic


Well, having progressed so far, it would be sad if you didn't. Bonne chance mon ami.

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