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  5. Ein, eine, and einen?


Ein, eine, and einen?

How do I know when to use these words?

Also another thing that trips me up: Der, den, die, and das.

Can someone explain this to me, please?

May 11, 2018



The Duolingo tips and notes page for the Accusative Case skill should help with that.


On the website version of Duolingo, there's a little light bulb button next to the Start or Practice button for a skill. Click the light bulb for the tips and notes page for the skill.


I'm pretty sure that einen is masculine, eine is feminine and ein is neutral.

masculine der, the feminine die, the neutral das and the plural die. But sometimes these change based on the gender of the word they are being used with.



Now I hopefully won't have so much trouble anymore.

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I believe that this is the easiest way to help yourself with this: Go to any search engine's "images" page, and search for "German case endings." You will find everything that you want to know, in an easy to understand format.

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