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  5. "长江有多长?"


Translation:How long is the Yangtze?

May 11, 2018



In English we'd likely add "River" at thr end for greater clarity.


You don't get the pun here, do you?

(It's that "Yangtze" has 长 in it, which means long. This question asks how "长" “Long River” (长江 ) is. The "River" part is already included in the name "Yangtze", which I'm guessing is a dialectical reading of the characters 长江.

Of course you wouldn't think of this when speaking English, but we are l learning Chinese here, so I think it. would be good to keep that nuance in mind.


The etymology of Yangtze and 江 is far more fascinating! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yangtze


In Chinese 江 is supposed to be a large river whereas 河 is a river or a watercourse, but 长江 is so famous that it is also known simply as 江.
长江 is 6300 km long and is the world's third largest river, while 黄河 (mentioned elsewhere in this section) is 5464 km long and is one of the most important birthplaces of ancient Chinese civilization.


Why is 有 used here instead of 是 or nothing?


What makes this a question? Couldn't it be just "Yangtze is very (多) long (长)"?


Great pun with the name 长江!

(长江 in Chinese is literally "long-river")


The 多长 Word Bank tile is silent, they always stay silent for the entire lesson. Defective network code? Very frustrating. Reported [The audio does not sound correct] 2019 June 14th Friday Opera 60.0.3255.170 Mac OS X 10.11.6 64-bit.


It sounds correct on Android 23rd June 2020.

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