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Chinese lessons are (too) long

I have only tried German and Chinese, but I like the short German lessons more than the long repetitive Chinese ones. Shorter less-repetitive lessons give me a sense of accomplishment. Long repetitive Chinese lessons are just boring.

Anyone else have experience with other languages being shorter or longer?

May 11, 2018



I agree that there is a lot of repetition in Chinese, but in my experience of learning other things, this does eventually pay off. Chinese is especially difficult as there is the extra level of difficulty in learning to recognize the characters. I think it is commendable that Duolingo jumps straight in and starts teaching characters, where other material I have tried spends ages teaching Pinyin before one even gets to see a character.


I agree with you. Chinese lessons are longer certainly because it's more difficult to learn. I like the way it is, there are more different exercises to learn than in other languages, like with cards and "word pairs" but maybe the translation exercises with sentences are too long...


Actually, I believe some of the other ones are way too short. I mean, I started with french so I may have a bit of a bias. Chinese lessons are pretty long as they focus on repetition. On the flip side, spanish lessons (at least the first few, I'm just starting) can be done in a minute or less. French lessons are still too short, however I guess it varies for everyone.


Although I sometimes find the repetition tedious, with Chinese there is so much to learn, what with the tones and the characters and the logic of Chinese thinking as expressed in the language. I make lots of mistakes, but the repetition allows me to become familiar with the characters, the grammar, and the sounds of the words, and I find the lessons gradually become faster.

It works for me


spanish seems longer lessons than chinese. I go faster and easier with the chinese. I guess everyone is different


I think to learn Chinese you need to practice reading, writing and saying words over and over again since it is such a difficult language to learn. It does get boring having to do such repetitive lessons but it really does pay off when you realise how much you have learned from it. :)


I also feel it is a bit repetitive.

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