"No, I have not sold the apartment yet."

Translation:Ne, ten byt jsem ještě neprodala.

May 11, 2018

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Any users having trouble with UŽ and JEŠTĚ: If you know how to use the Spanish YA and TODAVÍA in positive and negative contexts, use the similarity to Czech as a shortcut. The route is just too convoluted from English.


Thanks a lot for this! Spanish is my mother tongue and sometimes I find Czech closer to Spanish, such as před would be the same as hace (před týdnem/hace una semana). Actually, this už/ještě thing would be valid for Portuguese (já e ainda), Italian (gia e ancora) and French (dejá et encore). With před is more complicated because the word order is different, but Spanish and Portuguese are the same in this regard :)


My question is about word order: "Ne, neprodala jsem ještě ten byt" was my response, and I am not sure what is wrong with it.


Why is "už jsem neprodala" wrong?


"už" would translate as "already"


I had a similar problem with using "už" when it should have been "ješte."

VladaFu gave me a great explanation, which you can find here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26862763$from_email=comment&comment_id=26867011

I haven't fully digested it myself, but there's a lot of useful information there!


Thank you both for your help - on second thought I found that I had only mixed up the two words (I should have known already) - after a long day I just start making stupid mistakes...


You're quite welcome. But look the bright side... if you're only making stupid mistakes at the end of a long day, you're way ahead of me! :-)


Why does "jsem" not go after "ne" please?


"Ne" is separated by the comma from the rest of the sentence, so I'm guessing that "jsem" would be out of its favored second position if it is placed immediately after "ne," which I am, in turn, guessing might not count as as a "first word" even if there were no comma. (Hopefully, I'm guessing correctly with at least one of those.)


Thanks. I had not allowed for the point about the comma.

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