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What's your first "challenging" Polish phrase you got correct?

Hey guys!

I will admit it... Polish is by far the most difficult language I have faced so far. I've doing the first lessons in Basics 1 over and over again till I finally understand it.

This is why I was so overjoyed to get my first sentence right that I thought was challenging! Please remember that I'm still starting, so the sentence I will share that made me pat my own back for finally getting right may be easy for you, but hard for me. The sentence was: "Kobieta je jabłko. (A woman eats an apple.)"


Does anyone remember writing a phrase or a word that was so challenging for you initially, but you eventually got it right and was so overjoyed? Please share that phrase here so we can all share in overcoming our difficulties! :-)


May 11, 2018



I am a native speaker, but I understand your feeling. I often have similar difficulties with some simple Japanese sentences. In the past I had some problems with even the upper parts of Japanese tree and now after days, weeks and months of practice these sentences looks easy.

I wish you more successes.

Powodzenia! がんばろう! Good luck!


I am glad you understand! I think it is all the consonants that scares most people, but I have a lot of Polish friends that tell me Polish is phonetic, so it will get easier as I keep practicing it.

Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the best in your Japanese, Esperanto, and other languages! :-)


I'm native and I really feel you. Polish has very complicated inflection and semantics that even I struggle with, despite having spoken it since ever. I hope the feeling after finishing the course will be that much more rewarding :)


I think it will! As I continue and struggle though the course, it feels much more rewarding than the other languages I'm studying.

I appreciate your comment and I wish you the best in your language learning, MartinKoll3! :-)


I actually speak polish fluently, but my whole family is from Poland. I taught myself without Duolingo and just by listening to them speak. I don't know why it is so hard. But great job and keep practicing. Soon you will be great at speaking it. DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for the encouragement, Polish-Hawkgirl1! :-)


No problem!!!!!!! :-)


"Moja żona lubię kupić ubrania, ale ja tego nienawidzę". I don't know if it's because the sentence is sexist or just because it's long, but I still remember it after months of non-practice. "Kobieta je jabłko" has always been one of my favourite, for no real reason...


Moja żona lubi (verb for she) kupować ubrania (both word-noun for action), ale ja tego nie nawidzę :P and no, it is not sexist xD




Thank you for sharing, Nyarlath! I definitely think it is difficult not just because it's long, but because of all those accents. I wish you the best in your Polish studies! :-)


I don't know if mine is right, but it worked! I was on the supermarket, and the lady told me the price. I couldn't (and still can't) understand numbers, so I said: "Potrzebuję widzę!" so she showed me the price in the machine. I was happy! But maybe I should have said "potrzebuję widzić"?

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