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  5. "mara yaj torgh."

"mara yaj torgh."

Translation:Torg will understand Mara.

May 11, 2018



How does the ordering of words work?


Have you read the Tips & Notes? When you click on a Skill, you will see a light bulb next to the Start button. Click on the light bulb and you will get all the information you need for that Skill. If you still have questions, please return to the discussions and we'll help you out.


Why Torg understand Mara is not acceptable? It suggests Torg will understand Mara. So if I don't want to use will I can use Torg understood Mara?


This exercise accepts "understands", "understood", and "will understand". For third person singular present you should use "understands". Rather than recognize you left off the "-s" from the present tense version, the Duolingo software instead assumed you left out the "will" for the future tense version.


That wasn't the first time that I forgot English grammar and asking here thinking that's a problem of Duolingo! ^^' qatlho' for your patience!


And probably won't be the last. I understand and I will continue to be patient. Maybe one day you can be in charge of creating the Klingon from Portuguese course.

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