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German conjugation!

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    English person ending German example

    I -e ich trinke

    you (singular informal) -st du trinkst

    he/she/it -t er/sie/es trinkt

    Conjugations of the verb sein (to be)

    Like in English, sein (to be) is completely irregular, and its conjugations simply need to be memorized. Again, you will learn the plural forms soon.

    English German I am ich bin

    you (singular informal) are du bist

    he/she/it is er/sie/es ist

    Ich schwimme (I swim)

    Du schwimmst (You swim)

    Er/sie/es schwimmt (He/she/it swims)

    sie schwimmen (They swim)

    ihr schwimmt (You all / y'all swim)

    wir schwimmen (We swim)

    Sie schwimmen (You [formal] swim)

    So the infinitive form of the verb is schwimmen

    It ends in -en, that is its root. To conjugate the verb, just mentally drop the -en and take the stem of the verb (scwhimm) and then add the ending that each pronoun has.

    Ich schwimmE

    Du schwimmST

    Er/sie/es schwimmT

    Sie schwimmEN

    ihr schwimmT

    wir schwimmEN

    Sie schwimmEN

    If you don’t get that here’s a link:


    May 12, 2018



    Hallo mein guter Freund


    Hi Dat_Cool_One, your post is a bit uncomfortable to read, if you want to make lines go beneath eachother, just put two spaces at the end of the line that should stop and that will make the lines go beneath eachother [two spaces]
    like this! Hope this helps!

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      Thx for the suggestion.


      No problem! I love your username btw!


      This information is useless without explaining also how to obtain the root onto which to attach the ending.


      Thanks for that :) .. It makes things a little more logical rather than guessing or memorising all the conjugations for each verb.

      [deactivated user]

        Your welcome always glad to help

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