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"Is this free?"


May 12, 2018



Would 这免费吗 work as well?


It needs the 的.


Can we omit 的 here?


I've probably read why elsewhere, but my memory being what it is


Oh blessed great. Post is chopped off at the point of the sad smilie. Really helpful Duolingo ! Would someone kindly explain what it adds by putting it on the end of the sentence please ?


是 + adjective + 的 is the sentence structure for adjectives that do not have a scale or range to them.

If you look adjectives such as 好(good), in English, you can say "I am good", but you can also say "I am SLIGHTLY good", "I am VERY good". You can essentially have varying degrees of good. This is why these types of adjectives are paired with degree indicators such as 很好, 非常好, 最好 etc.

However if you look at the word "free", you do not say "this is SLIGHTLY free" or "this is VERY free", in this context, free means no cost, and free is just free. For these types of adjectives where the degree cannot be indicated, you must use 是 。。。的.

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