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"Er glaubt, dass Eisbären aus Eis sind!"

Translation:He thinks that polar bears are made of ice!

May 12, 2018



To be fair, considering how they look and if we called them "ice bears" here too, I would have probably thought that at one time as well.


Did you also ever think that polar bears are polar, and that's why they're attracted to the magnetic poles? ;)


Um, not bipolar ... just to the north pole! (chuckle)


Doesn't Eis also mean ice cream?

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We've got many polar bears here in northern Canada, and I can confirm they are indeed made of ice cream. But that answer was rejected by Duo - reported.


It does, but Duo doesn't accept ice cream polar bears. Sadly. And tastelessly.


Eis = ice cream

Bären = bears

Eisbären = ice cream bears


the answer is just fine but how about this : "He thinks that polar bears are from ice" is it that wrong?


That makes it sound like ice is the name of their origin/home country, which I guess is another way of interpreting the German sentence, as one would say, for example, "Ich bin aus England", so "Eisbären sind aus Eis" could technically be interpreted in that way, but I doubt anyone actually would, so it's hard for me to say that should be accepted.

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