"Dad and grandfather are men."

Translation:Baba na babu ni wanaume.

May 12, 2018

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The usual meaning of men in Swahili is wanaume. As a linguist I suggest that there be wanawame too like wanawake format. More explanation as follows: Mwanamke - Mwanamme; wanawake - wanawame.


mke = wife
wake = wives

mume = husband
waume = husbands

mwana+mke = woman
wana+wake = women

mwana+mume = man (often pronounced as "mwanaume" or "mwanamme")
wana+ume = men [plural prefix dropped from "waume", not needed to keep the second part of the compound bisyllabic]

There is no "wame", so no "wanawame".


Can you explain why there is no need to use waume to make wanawaume or wanawame?

What is the main reason of not using wanawaume or wanawame? Is there any specific reason. Why shouldn't we as native speakers use it?


George, you as a native speaker know best - however you say it is fine.


Actually, you're wrong. Mu- is the prefix (a variant of m-/mw-), -u- is not a part of the stem. It should be "wanawame" and it is attested online at least.

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