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  5. "Good morning."

"Good morning."

Translation:Habari za asubuhi?

May 12, 2018



Habari za asubuhi = How is the morning NOT Good morning. Good morning = Asubuhi njema and the reply is the same Asubuhi njema. If the meaning was Habari za asubuhi the reply would have been 'nzuri' for example.


I was wondering why they all had question marks


And for Good morning there is no need to use a question mark because Good morning is just a wish just like to say I wish you a good morning. It is not correct to translate Good morning as Habari za asubuhi?

Good morning = Asubuhi njema

I greet you by wishing you a good morning = Ninakusalimu kwa kukutakia asubuhi njema.

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