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"He cooks with onions and carrots."

Translation:Anapika na vitunguu na karoti.

May 12, 2018



with = pamoja na.

and = na


"with" can also just be "na" or also "kwa". It depends on the context. I would have expected "kwa" here


Yes. You may also say He cooks rice with onions and translated it to Anapika wali kwa vitunguu and it will still be correct. But kwa is more correct when you explain how does he cook? With gas? With electricity? with charcoal? etc.

He cooks rice and onions with gas stove = Anapika wali na vitunguu kwa stovu ya gesi.


Asante sana GeorgeMwid for this explanation! I wrote "Anapika kwa vitunguu na karoti" and this was marked as incorrect. (Feb 1, 2020)


I wrote and it marked it wrong for me too (11/11/21).


Putting yeye before anapika makes this wrong according to Duo. How? I thought yeye was a Sub.Prn. for he/ she.


I'm also interested...


So another instance of a random word thrown in without introduction "kwa" has not been seen until now. This is my second time in 2 years trying this language on duo ... Still sub par ... And they still ask you to pay for it

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