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  5. "Kdo má žízeň?"

"Kdo žízeň?"

Translation:Who is thirsty?

May 12, 2018



"Je" instead of "má", is that acceptable?


No, unless you use an adjective as well. Kdo je žíznivý? is theoretically possible, but less natural.


You are thinking from English possibly backward into Czech. In English we say Who is thirsty, not Who has thirst, but Czech often uses have/ma' but ... It is perfectly normal English to say have hunger this way ... Who said you have hunger pains? Me! You have hunger pains? Yes. But never I have hunger. While it would be understood, it's never used with "hunger" alone. But she/he/they had hunger pains they waited so long in line would be very normal in English. And there you see the connection to the Czech I have hunger, I have thirst. Hope that helps.

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