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"Solo tengo ciento treinta pesos."

Translation:I only have a hundred and thirty pesos.

May 12, 2018



In the US, the "and" only goes in the number where the decimal point goes, to separate whole numbers from decimal numbers (math teacher here). Therefore the given answer is incorrect and my answer, I only have a hundred thirty pesos, is correct.


This is a peculiar rule; people I've ever dealt with in the US East coast, including in computing, science, and math, so people who work with numbers, say "point," not "and" to denote the decimal point, and say either "one hundred fifty" or "one hundred and fifty" for numbers above 100, interchangeably. Also often "A hundred..." One might say "and three fifths" for a number with a non-decimal fractional part, in which case, yes, you'd probably say " one hundred fifty and three fifths, so as not to confuse.

Or if you're dealing with single digit decimals, you might say "and five tenths" but that won't work for multiple digits.

"One hundred and..." is often said in for clarity in speaking, or when the counting pace is slow.

Googling round, it seems that some people in some areas were taught your standard, and others weren't, and that both ways have their justifications.

But also, the British are taught to say "one hundred and fifty," for 150, so since Duo's policy is to accept English sentences that are correct in any English speaking region, both should be accepted. Click the little "report a problem" flag if yours isn't.

Much fascinating discussion here: https://english.stackexchange.com/


You are absolutely correct. If Duo is to recognize (recognise) the varied spellings of English in its translation, it needs to recognize the American placement of "AND" between whole and decimal numbers. Example... 130 pesos AND 50 centavos.


Can we say" a hundred thirty pesos"?


Not to mention that it should be "one hundred" and not "a hundred". Both work but the former is the proper way and should certainly be the default answer. "A hundred" is more what one would say if they were talking about money - "I've got a hundred dollar bill."


Absolutemente...a lingot for you! (drives me nuts)


It "corrected" my answer "i have only one hundred thirty pesos" with "I have only got 1 hundred and thirty pesos." This is wrong in 3 ways: (1) The "got" is not only unnecessary, it is too colloquial. (2) It doesn't recognize the correct placement of "only" after the word "have". (3) It mistakenly insists on the "and" between "hundred" and "thirty". I'm not sure whether it should reject the "and", but it certainly shouldn't require it. Reported 24 May 2018.


It also rejected "i have only 130 pesos". Again, it rejects the correct placement of "only", "correcting" it to "I have only got 130 pesos." What a lousy item! Reported again 20 minutes later.


(11aug18) Accepted "I have only one hundred thirty pesos."


"I only have 130 pesos" is accepted.


Lol. "Gotta" love the hidden getting the Owl has gotten for this sentence. It's good for a chuckle anyway.


One hundred thirty is correct also.


A hundred thirty should be correct too


How come you start the sentence with "Solo tengo" and not "Tengo solo"?


Why is only i have a hundred and thirty pesos wrong?


That would be tantamount to saying, "I alone have a hundred thirty pesos." (It isn't a likely scenario given the sentence's construction, keeping in mind, Spanish doesn't always follow the same word order as English.)


the "and" should not be used here. see next post.


solo tengo 130 pesos? lol my answer it's correct we are learning spanish not english


The and is superfluous


So is your statement as this has already been mentioned above. :)

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