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  5. "paq vIlaD 'ej jIHagh."

"paq vIlaD 'ej jIHagh."

Translation:I read a book and I laugh.

May 12, 2018


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The second item in a Klingon sentence is usually first in the English sentence. Why isn't this "I laughed and I read a book."?


The basic kernel of sentence structure is that objects come before the verb and subjects come after the verb. This is the reverse of English and so sometimes it can seem like all of Klingon should have a reverse order. It is not true! Statements made in a particular order are still presented in that order. This "sentence" is actually two sentences conjoined. First read (and translate) paq vIlaD, then add on 'ej jIHagh. As you translate, keep elements in the same order unless there is a grammatical reason to change the order (like switching the placements of explicit subjects and objects).

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