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"The summers here are very hot."

Translation:Los veranos aquí son muy calurosos.

May 12, 2018



why wont caliente work?


My impression is that caliente would be used to describe a concrete thing, whereas caluroso is more abstract. Pavement or a coffee mug would be caliente. The weather or ambient environment is caluroso.


Caliente didn't work for me here either, but calientes does. It needs to be plural to match LOS VERANOS.


Exactly. Caliente is an adjective and must agree with the noun that it modifies. Los veranos is plural, therefore calientes has to be plural too.

"Los veranos aquí son muy calientes."


What is more, caliente also means horny. Caluroso just means hot (temperature)


I dunno how common it would be, but it's certainly a valid use of the -isimo morpheme, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be accepted. If that was rejected, I hope you reported it. One detail -- you need an accent over the first i. :-D


Thanks for the reply. It wasn't accepted. I reported it nonetheless. And yeah thanks for the heads up on the accent mark(and for the lingot richDuo ). Much appreciated.


Many years ago when I was in Colombia, they would say 'mucho calor'


Usted tiene razón. Yo sé 'hace mucho calor', so instead of 'muy calorosos', its muy calurosos. Is that correct?


I think it is correct, though I put that too and got it wrong. I am not a native speaker.


Ah thanks 'muy caliente' it's been a long day


Am I the only one who finds this voice-over annoying? ;-)


The voice you hear is random. We don't all hear the same voice for a particular sentence. Judging by the large number of complaints in various parts of the forum, you aren't the only one who finds some of the new voices annoying.

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