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  5. "Diese Tasche ist meine."

"Diese Tasche ist meine."

Translation:This bag is mine.

March 24, 2013



This is a rather unusual sentence. A much more common phrase for the same meaning would be "Diese Tasche gehört mir" (This bag belongs to me).

"Diese Tasche ist meine" sounds too much like a direct English translation.


What is the difference of Diese and Dieser? and how'd i know if have i to use Diese or Dieser?


Tasche is feminin -> Diese Tasche Hund is maculin -> Dieser Hund Hunde is plural -> Diese Hunde


Then what is the difference between Die and Diese?


Die = The. Diese = This.


Then what is the difference between Das and Diese..... Please explain


how about dies and diese? thanks


Couldn't it also be "This Purse* is mine?


No, not really. It's too specific for "Tasche." Depending on where you are in the world, "purse" means handbag or coin purse (i.e. wallet). "Handbag" is "Handtasche," "coin purse" is "Geldbörse," "wallet" is "Brieftasche."


Why Duolingo has been using Das for this? What would be the difference between Das and Diese?


I'm thoroughly confused ... we said the die could mean this and that so what is the difference between diese and die


Stick to the straight translations:

the - der, die or das

this - dieser, diese or dieses

that - jener, jene or jenes


But duolingo has been using Das for that and this also. I am confused :-(


same thought... what's the difference between Das and Diese?


As far as DL goes, I translate the as das/die/der (e.g. Die Tasche ist schön; Der Hund ist schön; Das Mädchen ist schön), and dies/diese/dieser/dieses to this. It's pretty safe. ☺ As far as that goes, das generally works, at least until you're at higher levels.

If you have a sentence, such as Die Tasche ist schön and a translation of The bag is nice is marked wrong (instead of This bag is nice), report it.


Could "This is my bag" also be a translation? or would you word that differently in German?


"This is my bag" will be translated to "Diese ist meine Tasche". I think Duolingo is looking for a more exact translation for each sentence.


But many people have taught me again & again that german language is very fluid unlike english... i think "This is my bag" should also be correct.. is Duolingo rejecting it?


i think qbufmo07 is right in saying Duolingo is looking for more exact translations. It's better to learn a few things well now later we can get more colloquial.


I wrote: This is my bag. And it was alright.


why is meine used instead of mein?


Meine is feminine and is used for feminine words such as Tasche. Mein is used for masculine such as Mantel and neuter words such as Pferd.


Sehr interessant, hilfreich und nützlich. Danke sehr!


could it be "Die Tasche ist meine"?


I think if you are supposed to answer to "This bag is mine.", you want to use "diese".


Does it mean that "Meine" is used for both "My" as the plural/feminine nominative form and "mine"? As in "Meine Frau ist schön" and as in the example provided here " Diese Tasche ist meine" ??


Well, both examples are really the same. The "meine" in "Diese Tasche ist meine" is equivalent to the "meine" in "Meine Frau ist schön". They are both feminine nouns in singular. Or so I'm thinking...

Though, I'm struggling a little now if I take a masculine noun:

"Mein Mann ist schön." - But: "Dieser Mann ist meiner."

Or, a neuter noun:

"Mein Schwein ist schön." - And: "Dieses Schwein ist mein(e)s."

I'm stumped.

Just like the other day, I was wondering:

Ein schöner Mann.


Der schöne Mann.

Gaa. What? I don't know what's going on here.

Sometimes (your own) language creates riddles for you that you don't know how to answer.

Sorry, I couldn't be of real help.


About the Ein schöner Mann vs Der Schöne Mann thing ,it used to dazzle me as well but i found a wonderful website that a member here posted ,here it is: http://yourdailygerman.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/adjective-declension-german/

Basically what that is about is that Ein does not convey full information so Schöner completes it ,but with Der it doesnt have to. Read the three part article and take the test at the end ,you would be surprised how simple they make it!


Why When i say These Bag is mine be incorrect


"These" is plural, implying multiple bags (Tashen) instead of just the 1.

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