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"Der Nutzer bekommt im Oktober Training."

Translation:The user obtains training in October.

May 12, 2018



You "get" or "receive" training - you don't "obtain" it.


This should be accepted but is not: "The user gets trained in October." I know, it's not word for word because the German uses training, the noun, but the English is exactly the same meaning both ways.


Where it's possible and natural to use a similar grammatical construction in a translation, that will always be the preferred choice. Duolingo takes a relatively conservative stance on this.

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"The user," in an English context, sounds very strange to me. "The operator," maybe, or "the driver," or "the listener," etc. The context just seems to call for specificity. Also, "obtains," seems a bit stilted. "Gets"would be more natural. I'm sure that the German makes perfect sense and these are merely translation issues.

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