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  5. "Would you complain?"

"Would you complain?"

Translation:Ty by sis stěžoval?

May 12, 2018



There is something a little strange here, which might need to be fixed...?

For me, this was a Mark the Correct Meaning exercise.

The correct option for selection was "Vy byste si stěžoval?" The other options were "Stěžoval abychom si vy?" and "Nečekala byste si?"

But the correct answer shown at the top of this page is "Ty by sis stěžoval?" The meanings are the same, but one is plural and the other is singular.


This is intentional. There are multiple answers marked as "official" for this sentence and the system can choose any of them for the Mark the Correct Meaning exercise.


please explain why 'byste si stěžoval' is marked wrong.


"Byste" (and other forms of the conditional auxiliary, including "bych", "bys", "by", and "bychom") are mandatory clitics, so they cannot ever start a valid sentence in standard Czech.

More here.


Set of words doesn't have right words.


We cannot help unless you give us some details, really...


In given set of words there is no "by" or "sis". But it was "bychom". Sorry, now I can't reproduce this exercise.


Wasn't it "byste"? "Vy byste si stěžoval?" is a correct answer.


The correct answer is given as "Ty by sis stěžoval?" but sis is not among the word choices.


There are mote then just one correct answers here. Please make a screenshot next time.


Do you mean this? My word bank answer “stěžoval byste si” was accepted but “another correct solution” was proposed: “Ty by sis stěžoval?”

For this other correct solution the word bank was missing “Ty,” “by,” and “sis.” But then I don't understand “another correct solution” as “you should have chosen this.” It's just a hint to an alternative, isn't it?


In my case my answer was wrong, but I couldn't understand my error because correct answer didn't use proposed words.


There are multiple correct answers here. Duolingo chooses the one to be displayed automatically and who knows how exactly...


This needs looking at carefully. I was using choose the words option and first time round i got it wrong because the options by and sis were not available. Second time round i thought you were trying to distinguish singular and plural so using options available ty byste si stezoval but still marked wrong. Cant send you screen shots but I would suggest someone look at it.


It would be great to see the actual words you had available. There are several correct answers and you may get words for any of them. We will have a look and discuss that, but the words you had available would be handy especially to explain what is happening.


Would you be comlain? - Ty by sis stěžoval? (but in the given in the exercise words does not these words - only byste... without sis)


be complainING is correct English

Read the avove discussion, there are several correct answers here.


Since there aren't any tips and notes. If the 2nd person conditional = bys. Why does the sentence use "by"?


Maybe because “stěžovat si” is a reflexive verb, so the “si(s)” takes the person ending.


Is ty mandatory here? I wrote: "By sis stěžoval" and it was marked as wrong. Or should the worder order be different without the "ty"?


It is about the behavior of "by", not about the dropped subject pronoun. Forms of "by" are very nearly the strongest enclitics in Czech, second only to the "-li" conjunction. These words insist on being placed in the second slot in the clause. So dropping the "ty" gets you:

Stěžoval by sis.

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