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Tips on memorizing?

Im pretty new to german and all the skills i have learned so far have stuck with me quite well but I recently bought one of the bonus skills and I'm having quite a hard time remembering it. Mainly because the bonus skills only tell you the word in german and you write in english thats it.

I've tried writing the words down but its just not sticking with me any tips that could help with memorizing?

May 12, 2018



I think the bonus skills are just that: A "bonus", something optional. They are not crucial for advancing in the course.

I think I would continue the course and try the bonus skill every once in a while later, perhaps taking notes while doing it. In particular the "idioms and phrases" skill is probably very useful (I have it for French, and I think it's worth it).

Have you tried the Labs yet? For German, there are stories https://www.duolingo.com/labs. These stories also help understand the idiomatic use of the language (as opposed to direct translations) better. And they are fun! I do stories in French and in Spanish, and I love them.

I would guess that after a few stories, the bonus skill should be easier for you.

Happy learning! :-)

Edit: Something that helps me very much is doing a little research to see the phrases I find difficult in various contexts. For example, if one of your phrases was "im siebten Himmel sein", I would google for "siebten Himmel" and look at different sources. This leads to linguee, for example: https://www.linguee.de/deutsch-englisch/uebersetzung/im+siebten+himmel.html dict.cc https://www.dict.cc/?s=im+siebten+Himmel+schweben phrasen.com https://www.phrasen.com/uebersetze,im-siebten-Himmel-sein,4772,d.html

wiktionary: https://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/im_siebten_Himmel_sein By seeing different explanations and translations, I get more and more familiar with the phrase.


I have seen the labs before i will try them out! And thank you this was extremly helpful!

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I use Memrise for memorizing vocab. There is at least one Duolingo based course in Memrise or you could make your own course. I believe there are other apps out there for memorizing as well. If you search the Discussion forums for "German resources" you should find a discussion that lists a lot of resources for mastering German. Good luck!


Oh yeah I've heard of memrise ill try it! thank you for the help!


Here's a couple of ideas. For my example, I'll use the word "der Apfel".

First, write the word by hand. And then write the word several times.

Vocalize the word - say it out loud. Repeat the word a few times.

Now write and voice the word.

Now write a few sentence in English using the word and your sentences don't even have to make sense. Examples - That is an apple. The apple is red. The red apple is home. Now write your sentences again in English - except the word you are trying to learn. That is an Apfel. The Apfel is red. The Apfel is home. Now try writing the sentences entirely in German. Das ist ein Apfel. Der Apfel ist rot. Der Apfel ist zu Hause.

For nouns, make sure you are are using all the cases you know in German. For verbs, remember to conjugate them with various nouns and pronouns.

Last tip I would offer. Try to make learning German fun!

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