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  5. "Ich spreche mit einem Mann."

"Ich spreche mit einem Mann."

Translation:I am talking with a man.

May 12, 2018



Surely in England one says I am talking TO a man, not with him?


In the US one would say "I''m talking with a man". Having lived in London, I would assume with or to is acceptable, no?


In Australian, there is quite a nuance of difference. between to and with , when used in context such as this.

Perhaps it is because of historical past, I muse.

When you talk to someone, it is that you giving them an instruction. You are person who is in authority, and you are giving them information or a directive. It is not a two way conversation. At least in most situations. While you would be understood, if you used the term to, it can inappropriately escalate a situation, or show to the person you are speaking, that you consider yourself of a different status, a status above the other person. The term to may also be used when it is that someone is accusing yourself of something, such as in a witness/legal court. And you are asked if you had a conversation. You might be likely to respond "I was talking to a man", or "I was talking to that man." Though you may equally as likely use the word "with" in this situation. Maybe part of that is that you are feeling like a fish out of water, and may be trying to find some skerrick of authority in an unsavory situation.

In short, it is better to avoid saying the sentence "I am talking to a man." Unless it is that you are wishing to express that you are a person of authority in a situation. If you are not a person of authority, you could find yourself in an unpleasant situation. And if you are a person of authority, you can still be more respectful and say "I am talking with a man", which if you show respect to others, at least in Australia, you will find that others will more likely be respectful also to you. And in my travels in other English speaking countries, I have also found this to be so. (ps I have also traveled many times to England, and also have English friends who live now in Australia, or in France. Which is yet another story ;P )

To have a talk with another person, is an indication that it is a conversation. Being a two way conversation. A conversation that you see yourself to the other person as an equal. That it is a two way exchange.


Thanks for your edifying post. Yes, to talk with a person is to hold a conversation. Talking to someone reminds me of a parent talking to his/her child or even an annoyed spouse saying to an indifferent partner "I'm talking to you!"


In British English, the correct form is "to talk to". Anything else is poor grammar. However since English is a living language, "to talk with" may eventually prevail.


That is entirely incorrect. "Talk with you" is perfectly acceptable. You can talk, and you can do that with someone. It is used by Shakespeare...


In America "I am speaking with" and "I am talking with" are interchangeable


You cannot talk with people in English. One talks and the other listens. Then they swap. Otherwise both would be talking at once.

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