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"You're not my daddy! I won't obey you!"

Translation:vavoywI' SoHbe'! qalobbe'!

May 12, 2018



Would qalobQo' also be an appropriate translation?


In fact, qalobQo' is the REQUIRED translation; qalobbe' means I do not obey you.


qalobbe' need not be present tense -- it could be past tense (I did not obey you) or future tense (I will not obey you).

The English sentence above happens to use future tense to translate it.

qalobQo' is "I refuse to obey you" rather than a mere statement of fact ("obeying you is not going to happen").


This said, the word will (or won't) in English can be used to make purely factual assertions (such as The sun will rise tomorrow) or to communicate decisions or intentions (such as Hugh's I will not to Captain Picard, impersonating Locutus, in TNG).

Without more context, I tend to think that that qalobQo' should be accepted as a possible transation as "I won't obey you".

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