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"Jaké víno se hodí k tomu jídlu?"

Translation:What wine goes with that dish?

May 13, 2018



I kind of understood what 'hodí' means from the context, but wasn't sure how you'd translate it into English here, and the tip only suggested convenient which is obviously wrong. Maybe you can add 'go with' to the tips?


Agreed that the dictionary hint led me astray, despite my knowing what the sentence was asking.


Could one replace jake with ktery?


"Které víno" is fine for selection between multiple choices (even from a very large cellar), it is "which wine". Although strictly speaking, "jaké víno" can have the same meaning, as can "what wine". The primary one is asking for the character or other quality of the wine.


What about 'What kind of wine...', as suggested by the hint?


Yes, that should also work.

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