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The Duolingo Secrets

The big secret is the practice all days, even it be the minimum. don't jump any day and go on, even making mistakes. Any language look likes music: to sing good we need to sing and hear all days the same music. Our brain has secrets that ourselves don't comand. It records more easely frases than alone words, without we perceps. As, for exemple, whem we play sax, seeing a note in the sheet, your finger goes, automactly to the corresponding key in the instrument, we don't need to think conscientiously about it or translated it , before touch the key. It is directly from symbol to key-finger, quikly. Recently, I realize this when I saw that I am mixing my native idiom with the second that I'm learning now ,by Duolinngo. Thery is another secrets but, by today is enough, another day I speak about, if anybode ask. That is how I think.

May 13, 2018

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I am back to my Duolingo lessons. Thank you for your tips.

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    Thanks and speaks the others secrets, please.

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