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"I want to buy this yellow cap."

Translation:Quiero comprar esta gorra amarilla.

May 13, 2018



This doesn't necessarily HAVE to be gorra amarilla, it can be gorro amarillo


Why gorra or gorro?


SpanishDict says that la gorra is with a visor and el gorro is without a visor, pero no sé.


Gracias! Muy interesante entender la diferencia!


I'm not sure, but my guess is because there are some words in spanish that can be either gender. I think it's varies on the region. I was very confused because both la refrigeradora and el refrigerador, and el sartén and la sartén were counted as correct, until someone informed me both are used.


Why not "sombrero amarillo?"


Since it specifies "a cap" which is not exactly the same as "a hat", they may have a point. But they are cutting things very fine here in my opinion.


Sombrero means - hat Gorra /gorro is cap


Why not Yo quiero?


I have the same question, I understand it is not required but why is it wrong to include it?


It should not be wrong to include the "yo". It's optional, so the answer should be correct both with and without "yo". If the answer with "yo" is otherwise correct and is not accepted, you should report it.

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quiero qué comprar. ........ was marked as wrong


Yes, the "qué" isn't used here. It's just "quiero + infinitive".


How do i know if i should use just 'quiero' or 'quiero que' because i thought 'quiero que' meant 'i want to'. Some clarification would be much appreciated. Thank you


Just use "quiero". If you want to say "I want to" do something, just follow "quiero" with the infinitive of the verb for whatever you want to do. For example, "I want to travel" is "quiero viajar", and "I want to go to France" is "quiero ir a Francia".

We haven't really done things that would use "quiero que", which is followed by a subjunctive in sentences like "I want you to study more", which would be "quiero que estudies más". That's pretty advanced stuff, so for the kinds of sentences we have been working with, don't use "quiero que".


When write Yo its incorrect


You probably had a mistake elsewhere in your answer, but if you don't copy and paste your exact answer here, we can't help you determine what the problem is.


I wrote Quiero comprar esta gorra Amarilla but i still got it wrong.


That is very odd, since "Quiero comprar esta gorra amarilla" is the correct sentence given at the top of this page. If that is exactly what your wrote, please report that it should be accepted.


Funny! The translation for "cap" is both masculine & feminine if you click on the english word. Gorra y gorro....digame, cual es la diferencia?


Gorra has got a visor while Gorro hasn't got a visor.


Gorra=Cap (as in baseball cap)

Gorro=Beanie (the one a baby/someone wears on the head)

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