"I want to buy this yellow cap."

Translation:Quiero comprar esta gorra amarilla.

May 13, 2018



This doesn't necessarily HAVE to be gorra amarilla, it can be gorro amarillo

August 29, 2018


Why not "sombrero amarillo?"

December 17, 2018


Since it specifies "a cap" which is not exactly the same as "a hat", they may have a point. But they are cutting things very fine here in my opinion.

January 12, 2019


Why gorra or gorro?

April 9, 2019


I'm not sure, but my guess is because there are some words in spanish that can be either gender. I think it's varies on the region. I was very confused because both la refrigeradora and el refrigerador, and el sartén and la sartén were counted as correct, until someone informed me both are used.

June 21, 2019
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