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Is there value in continuing on the language tree after learning the fundamentals elsewhere?

I finished the German tree a long time ago and have been practicing German in other ways and now going back to the German tree after some time, a lot of the lesson progress has gone down.

It's going to take a lot of effort to level stuff up and just hitting "Strengthen Skills" just takes me back to the super basic questions that are not challenging anymore.

Is there even any value in going back to this to get the harder questions after this new Duolingo update?

May 13, 2018



I have been pondering the same question. How much time shall I spend repeating stuff that I know well, in hopes of eventually getting to some new stuff.?

I am using https://duome.eu/territech/progress to keep my skills "gold." (If you are not already using this site, just substitute your own user name instead of mine in the above link.). I open this page every day, find the lesson on the tree that is not gold on duome and complete an exercise, then refresh duome page. I repeat those steps until that lesson is gold again. Most of the time when I refresh a lesson, I am presented with something new, something that I didn't fully understand before, or that I simply forgot. So by keeping my tree golden, I am improving my language skills.

Someday I expect that I will fly through all those lessons without learning anything new. Maybe by that time Duolingo will have added a "test out" feature so that I can get to the new Duolingo content without wasting time on repetitious and boring content that I already know. If they don't have a test-out feature by the time I need it, then I will use other sources to extend my vocabulary. By the way, I already use several other sites, so it will just be a shift in how I divide my time.


In my opinion, there is quite a few things that are valuable to stick to a Duolingo course beyond completing it. If you haven't gotten used to typing in your target language using the keyboard for that language, the course can be helpful. The lower portion of the tree is worth going back to since that's the more "advanced basics" and usually the concepts that many people struggle with. But if you don't feel like you are strengthening your knowledge or learning anything new after a few lessons, it's probably best to find other options for further learning.


I would (and this is what I do) start with the most recent skills (i.e., the skills closest to the "root" of the tree), the grammar lessons above all. I think you can always learn something or at least strengthen the skills by doing these more challenging skills.

There is no need to bring all the skills to a certain level; you can simply ignore those skills that you think you don't need. I still do some of the stuff I find easy when I'm tired. In this way, I keep in touch with the language whatever my mood and level of concentration. I like this. :-)


I agree with this comment - if I have everything "gold", then I would start in the middle or toward the end of the tree (not the basics). Other users have said that even after working up to 5 crowns in the basic skills they didn't get any new content - just repetition of what they already know. Adding crowns in those modules will just waste a lot of time. So I will strive to add crowns in the more advanced sections of the tree.


I went to the bottom five and did not find it more advanced or increasing in difficulty.

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I think it is up to you whether you are getting any benefit from doing the lessons over. Try writing in German in these discussions; can you do it? That may give you some idea whether you need more practice or not.


Try writing in German in these discussions; can you do it? That may give you some idea whether you need more practice or not.

This is an excellent idea. :-)


The problem with this suggestion is that DUO does not take us past a mid-intermediate level in grammar and vocabulary So writing this sentence, for example, is beyond what we have learned here if we didn't have experience with the language already.

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hpoon said that he/she has used outside German resources, as most of us do. So his/her vocabulary should be at a higher level than Duo-only level. But by trying to use what we have learned brings out our deficiencies. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know until you try to apply what you have learned.


How true. I find myself going to the dictionary very often.


There's no value that I can see. The new system is a retrograde step. I imagine there are many others like me who quickly become bored with having to go through all the same stuff again. All I look at now are the stories, because it's conversational German, not silly little sentences like "the cat sat on the mat".

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