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  5. "Vidíš jejího koně?"

"Vidíš jejího koně?"

Translation:Can you see her horse?

May 13, 2018



Why wasn’t “Do you see her horse?” accepted? In English, “do you...”and “can you...” are usually interchangeable when referring to the senses. For example: “Do you smell gas?” or “Can you smell gas?”. “Do you hear a squeak in my wheel?” Or “can you hear a squeak in my wheel?”.


'Do you see her horse?' is accepted, has been for more than 2 yrs. You i) either made a mistake or ii) there's a Duo bug.


why is "kone" used as both singular and plural?


Because it is the muž masculine animate declension paradigm.


But then how are you able to determine which is singular and plural in this sentence example?


We need to look for "clues." In this sentence, jejího, which modifies koně, is the clue. Jejího is a genitive singular form, telling us that there is only one horse.


Just to check that I understood this, so, její koně would be the plural then?


"Do you see his horse?" was not accepted. Why?


"His" would be jeho. You can check this site for information about possessive pronouns, and a lot of other things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Possessive_pronouns. I've found it very useful.

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