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Speech recognition

I have experienced having to pronouce words & phrases while running under Android, Was cool cuz it helps articulating, however I never got that on m computer. What I'm missing? thx for any hint

May 13, 2018


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You should be able to do those exercises with your computer as well, I'd try looking into the settings on your account, see if that helps. Good luck.


Unfortunatey, no. have alread checked that before posting


I think that is just a feature thats only on mobile Though it may just be my computer hopefully they will add to the computer version soon if they have not though!


kind of frustrating. thx anyway


It only works with certain browsers, not with Safari afaik and not with Firefox. I use it with Chrome on PC. Is there a Chrome version for Mac? If yes, give that a shot! It will just be one of the options offered during the lessons. I didn’t have to change any settings.


Thx Jileha, I'll try that. Chrome is available on MacOS. The hidden thing is : Are the questions suggested by Duo based on the browser you're using ? The reason of my question is that when using Android I get suggestions to pronounce something but never on Safari.


Two things to consider here: the browser you're using (duolingo works best with Chrome), and giving duolingo the permission to use the microphone on your browser. Check this help article:

How do I allow Duolingo to use my microphone on Chrome?


Thx Archnje. The settings are ok and going to give a try to chrome.

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