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  5. "What does it look like?"

"What does it look like?"

Translation:Wie sieht es aus?

May 13, 2018



It was too complex for me


What is the use of aus here, why does it always creep up in these odd ways ? Can anyone provide exact uses of this word so I can write it all down.


The use of ''aus'' here is a part of separable verb aussehen which means '' to look like''. For example, ''Du siehst gut aus'' You look good. In the separable verbs, the preposition goes to the end of the sentence. Other example is the verb anrufen= let someone know. Ich rufe dich an= I let you know


I spent almost an hour researching and looking at dozens of dictionaries, videos, and forums trying to figure out how "anrufen" could even remotely mean "let someone know" and I came up with nothing. From what I have found so far, anrufen means "to call" .... Can someone explain how "ich rufe dich an" goes from "I call you" to just "I let you know" or is this person just mistranslating?


I learned that "rufen" is to call, adding a preposition and making a verb a seperable verb can really change it's meaning, for example: "sehen" = "to see", "fernsehen" = "to watch TV"


Why is it Wie instead of Was?


My guess, because "wie" here is like "how".


Why does it say mag when I hover? Doesn't mag only mean to like something?


I wrote "was sieht es aus", since I think "wie sieht es aus" would be more of a judgemental question. So if I'm wrong ans this is correct that means that "wie" and "was" are interchangeable or have more than one meaning?


Well, I didn't have it before in any exercise :(


Could you please explain why "Was sieht es aus?" doesn't work? What is the exact difference between was and wie?


Couldn't it also mean "Wonach sieht es aus?" Since that would be a valid question to ask in this context. And English doesn't seem to exactly distinguish the "Wie" and "Wonach" in this sense as German can. Feel free to correct me if I missed anything since I'm a little tired while I'm doing this as a native speaker to see how well I'd do in this course for "German as foreign language" ;-) Cheers


    I've added it, but in future please use the "Report" feature during the lesson to suggest that your answer should have been accepted :)


    Danke dafür. Wie schon geschrieben, war ich etwas müde als ich das gefunden habe. Nächstes Mal werde ich's dann per Report-Funktion einreichen.


    Wenn ich Deutch in der Schule habe, denke ich "Deustch ist einfach". Aber diese Sätze sind sehr schwerig.


    Can someone explain how this particular sentence works? Why is it wie instead of was?


    Please tell me in this why wissen is in the end ? Ich möchte auch das wissen.


    I chose " was" cause that's the translation in English, but it turns out that the correct answer is " wie", quite confusing to me but... What -was, HOW- wie. anyway, thank you...perhaps it's only a human error or it really is the correct answer.


    It's the correct answer, it's just that you can't always literally translate words.


    Ich Danke Ihnen. Wishing you a great day!


    Better translated "how does it look like?"


    Why is ''Was sieht es aus?'' marked wrong? ''Wie'' is ''how'' if i am not mistaken

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