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volunteer class

Hi guys, just new here in Japan, any free Japanese class you know near by Yokohama? Thanks!

May 14, 2018



I just looked up some classes on the Internet. You can contact and get more information from them if you are interested in.

How about Japanese classes in Yokohama Kohoku International Lounge? http://kohokulounge.la.coocan.jp/english/

They say, "100 yen per lesson. You will be asked to pay the total amount at the beginning of the term. For example, if you take the class 12 times in a term, you need to pay 1200 yen at the beginning."

Or a list of Yokohama Volunteer Japanese-language Classes. http://u-biq.org/nihongo_yokohama.html


100 yen per lesson WOW that is almost a US dollar and almost worth the flight to Japan to study.


No fair... you're in Yokohama!

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