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Still hating this Crown update

I miss having the timer and golden subjects, granted i think after a certain point it should remain golden (like basics when you've finished the course and you're now practicing). I have no clue what i need to work on in Swedish and why do i need to practice a topic NINE TIMES in order to get a new crown?

May 14, 2018



Exactly! My OCD makes me have to always have one gold before moving onto the next one. I did one in French and it was literally 72 long! 72! That's absolutely insane!


Me too so I just reset my tree and started over. Aiming for crown level 1 on all and then maybe 2 or 3


Yeah. I used to take pride on keeping my tree gold, and knowing what to work on kept me motivated. Now, I'm just confused and unmotivated.


I feel the same. I used to not move on until my entire tree was golden. Now because of lack of motivation I lost my streak and barely even touch duolingo now. I hope they see the statistics and make some changes.


My stats are doing something like twice the number of skills now than before.


Its even worst on mobile, you have lives even on completed skills so if you try to practice on mobile you have to work more if you want to do a mix of review and learning.


I completely agree, its kind of annoying to have to repeat a topic 10+ times before getting a new crown. I find that the practice button helps with what needs to be worked on. If you reach level five on a topic and it has turned gold, you can click on it and it will bring up a practice session for that specific topic which lets you practice your weakest words or things you need to work on.


I’m really disappointed with how my French language level was translated into the new system. French was the first language I added to my Duo, and it was one that I already had a pretty good knowledge of, so I tested out of almost all of the early categories, and never practiced them because realistically I’m never going to forget basic French vocabulary, grammar and greetings now.

This meant that those skills decayed away on my account years ago, and now that the new system has come in, nearly all of my skills have completely reset, to the point where despite the fact that I’m almost right at the end of the French course, I have very few (21) crowns in the language. It would be fine if there were a way to rapidly test out of categories or do a quick placement test, but with both of those things gone at the moment, I would have to painstakingly go through all of the basic vocabulary in each category if I wanted to gain access to any of the new content that might actually be helpful to me at my current level. It’s kind of crappy, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

To put things in perspective, I have fewer crowns in French and less access to advanced material in most categories than I do in German and Esperanto, even though I only dabbled in both of those languages for a week or two for fun, and genuinely have forgotten nearly everything in both of them (German, in particular, I am 100% sure I would need to start from scratch with now). And I only have a few more than in Turkish, which I spent even less time studying, which I only completed a handful of categories in, and which I actually added at around the same time as French. What gives?


For me who's learning german which I'd say has more complicated grammar than swedish I really need to have the repetive lessons to learn. Before when they went golden, I wasn't able to progress I only got it wrong all the time. But now I've actually started gathering knowledge from duolingo.

If you got a more decent skill in the language this might be upsetting having to repeat stuff you certainly already know. Well, take your time and celebrate, you've progressed since you started!


May be they want learners to practice more. Here also they have different colors for different level and once you finish level 5, you'll always remain golden. Having said that, it cannot be denied that getting golden color has become a time consuming job.


I didn't know it still goes gold mostly because since finishing swedish I really do not want to go through the basics and starter lessons a bunch more times. Also for some reason in german I had more topics start off at level 3 then I did in swedish and I've finished the Swedish course and I'm almost at level 20.


Yes, it does go gold. I just tried this thing to get gold. Level 1 - Blue Level 2 -Green Level 3- Red Level 4- Orange Level 5 - GOLDEN

This is how it proceeds as per my observation. Hope it helps.


I just flew through my basics in swedish and it does go gold but level 4 to 5 was 15 test, that just seems like... overkill.


@brooke874444-- Depending on the skill. In a skill with many words it would be even more tests.


I would assume the number of repetitions per word to advance to the next level is constant, rather than the number of repetitions by itself.


I agree with you, I'm hating that update too. Keep repeating lessons more and more it's boring.


1597 days streak - more than 4 years of streak - Salute to your discipline.


Thank you so much! But the time goes by so fast....I neither believe when I see my streak.

[deactivated user]

    If you are that good with so many languages (sincere compliments to your dedication !), why don't you start reading actual books ? I recently read my first three, simple books in Danish and this feels so much more satisfying than to keep repeating boring lessons. Duolingo is a great help for studying a language and I am thankful for that, but once you are at a certain level I think it may be time to move on to more interesting challenges ? Unless daily working with Duolingo is a goal in itself. In that case you are a real champion !


    This likely won't be the popular opinion- but as someone who was using duolingo for about 30 days without the system and about 30 with, I can say that for a 'new' user, I think the system is good. I find the reptition really helps me remember - the strength meter made me feel I was progressing much better than I actually was. That said, I can totally get for people further in how frustrating it can be.


    I think its mostly that the users who have been here for YEARS learn how to make the old format work, yeah there were some grovels when they would change stuff around but for the most part the core of how people learned on here was simple: keep things golden and move forward. By changing the layout so much a lot the users are having to figure out how they like it. Maybe instead of such a drastic change they should have made it gradual like use crowns but allow the skills to go gold and having to keep it that way.


    I completely agree. The crown update sucks in basically all aspects (and what IS with them getting rid of the timer? WHY?!)


    I love the update.


    i agree this is very annoying :(


    i personally dont like it.. at all... because for some reason it made my whole tree start again :((


    Even though this is an older thread, I feel like I have to chime in, as I totally agree. I loved the golden disc system, it motivated me to do exercises regularly and my learning felt more wholesome, as I constantly updated the skills and areas that I had become more rusty with. I really liked how the practice mode also helped to get the discs golden again. I also loved having the fluency percentage! I know it was kinda misleading, but it just felt like such a clear point of reference compared to crowns. When the system changed, I was very disappointed and didn't feel like using Duolingo again. However, I am now in a situation in which I desperately need to revise my Swedish to pass an obligatory course at Uni, so I came back to Duo. I've been studying Swedish daily with Duolingo for a couple of weeks, so I've gotten rather familiar with the new system. I find it very unmotivating and unsatisfying compared to the previous system. As SlowGoing said at the start of this tread, it feels tedious and like working in the dark.

    [deactivated user]

      Hi, I've since changed my view of it. I finally figured out that we can jump levels in each exercise, and that makes it very motivating to me again, because it feels like I'm getting somewhere and not just spinning my wheels. It took me far too long to discover that was an option! Hence my name: SlowGoing :o)

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