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Need some traveling advice

My wife and I will be traveling to Spain for a little over one week in early June. I know that you can't see much in one week but because I have never spent more than a few days at a time in Spain, I am at risk of missing something important. We will be renting a car and driving for the entire trip. Our itinerary is:

Day 1 - Arrive and drive to Segovia

Day 2 - Segovia to see the Aqueduct and the Alcazar

Day 3 - Ubeda via Toledo where we will do some shopping

Day 4 - Granada and tour Alhambra, drive to Cartagena

Day 5 - Tour Cartagena

Day 6 - Olmedilla to enjoy the scenery near the lake

Day 7 - Pastrana

Day 8 - Back to U.S.

What things are in the general vicinity I am describing which we should not miss? What sites are indispensable?

May 14, 2018



The Alhambra is not to be missed. Do you already have reservations? If not, I'd recommend doing so as you don't want to go all the way there and not be able to get in. It can get very crowded especially when tour groups arrive. I like to get there early and run ahead to the reflecting pool for some quiet time before the crowds arrive, then make me way through the rest of it after that.


Thanks for the comments. Have been to the Alhambra twice previously but wife has never been. You can't go to Spain and not visit the Alhambra. Reservations made about a month ago and DID have a tough time getting what I wanted.


Sounds good to me but I'm not qualified to talk about such a region. In the mean time I hope you're rigorously practicing that Spanish of yours.


You bet.....

I am studying Spanish harder than ever. I am rehearsing the pronunciation of the things I learn more enthusiastically. I have an Excel file into which i enter all of the new words I am learning. Sheet for the things I learn in the various lessons. I put together a list of prepositions from the internet (not included yet in DL). I am minimally conversant in Italian having lived there for a year some time ago. SO I am focusing on the similarities in the two languages. You can tell that to of the towns we are staying in are off the beaten track so I am thinking that the number of folks who speak English will be smaller than in Granada or Segovia.


Have fun, let us know how all the practice worked out. :)


It sounds great. I cannot tell you other places because I don't know about distances (I would try Cordoba if it is possible). What about language? Do you understand Spanish from Spain, including Andalusian Spanish?


Thanks for the heads up. We had originally planned a longer trip and that included both Cordoba and Malaga. I have been to Malaga but never Cordoba. In retrospect I might have retained Cordoba and cut Ubeda but what is done is done. As regards the language, I am trusting upon a couple things:

  1. I speak enough Italian to get by in Italy. My ability in Italian has been helpful in Spain previously.

  2. When I was in Spain previously (short stays in the south including Malaga, Rota, and Palma.) I was relieved to find that in most places English is spoken enough for an American to enjoy his or her experience.

  3. Duolingo.

I very much appreciate your insights

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