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Lots of mistake in French and wrong female voice : can we contribute ourself ?

Hello !

There is a lots of mistake in French, and the female voice is often wrong. In addition, the hearing session are really hard to understand (and I am a French native !). I reported it of course, but I see this was already reported months ago (or years !) and nothing happend. Is there any way I can contribute, even for free ? not by reporting things, but correcting it ? putting more natural sentence, or even doing the voice ? I see not way to contact duolingo for that, and there is a jobs page, but they ask for a lots of teaching French experience (while I only do that for free and just want to correct obvious things).

As exemple : The female voice says "chatte" instead of "chat" (t should be silent in chat) She says "files" instead of "filles". (The male one is correct). And there is some sentences like "Je vois que tu as une chatte" who really should be deleted, because this can embarass people A LOT if they say that in real life and were already reported 3 years ago.

Thank you in advance if someone can answer me, I am really motivated to improve the French part.

May 14, 2018



The TTS is outsourced from a third party. I wish we could update the audio. There are problems with the woman's voice and at times the audio exercises have to be disable. This is an issue that only staff can address. You can try filing a bug report. This problem isn't exclusive to French, as there are pronunciation issues with the English voices as well.


oh ! I see... :'( Thank you for your answer !


You can go to the Incubator and fill everything up and maybe become a contributor


thank you for the link ! I will have a look.


If you think she speaks french badly, you should listen to her portuguese!

I cringe just thinking about what her chinese must sound like. (comme une vache espagnole, peut-être ? )


if u need any help with portuguese,im a native speaker, portuguese sucks a little at first cause it seems overwhelming, but since youre learning french and spanishalread youre used to latin languages. just pay attention to the false cognats especially between spanish and portuguese cause there a few, apart from that with effort the sucess will be achieved!!


hum, I think there is only the male voice in Chinese (I have to check, maybe I remember it wrong)


There is no way to contribute your own voice for sentences. Most likely because native speakers would have to check every single recording of user's voice to make sure there's no mistakes, and doing that still won''t guarantee that there won't be any mistakes in the audio.


I understand, but I am native speaker and the current voice is not correct. The pronounciation is wrong.


also, problem is that mistakes where already reported 3 years ago sometimes, and not corrected.


Thanks very much for clarifying this point. I really, really thought I was going bonkers. The female voice (while not wishing to be sexist) causes me a lot of problems with pronunciation and comprehension.Why the man's pronunciation is so much clearer is a puzzle. However, I would really miss Duo lady's, doooooonc, juuuuuuupe, and oeuuuuuuuuuuuf, if she was 'retired' to the Home for the Verbally-challenged. Heheheh.


There is a lots of mistake in French

Concrete examples?

And there is some sentences like "Je vois que tu as une chatte" who really should be deleted, because this can embarass people A LOT if they say that in real life

You can say this sentence without any problem nor risking any embarassment.
No French speaking person (adult) will think you meant something wrong with it (some teenagers may smile/laugh, but that's all).

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