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Please help me find the "Words" list for Chinese lessons

I like to review the words that have been taught so far in the lessons, but unlike the French and the Spanish, in Chinese it does not appear in the menu bar (next to "Home"). The weird thing is... such a list DOES exist! Somehow I had it for about a day on my Mac, but not in the Duo Lingo app on which I have on my iPad. I would sure like to have it again! Please help!

May 14, 2018



Step 1: Open Duolingo for your French class in a new window Step 2: Click on the discussions button Step 3: Hold the command (⌘) button down and click the discussion button again. You should now have two tabs open both to discussion. Step 4: In the newly opened tab change it to the Chinese course Step 5: Go back to your first tab (still on discussions) and click the words button.


It worked!! You are amazing!! Thank you so much for taking the time to help, and your instructions were so easy to follow! (However, someone did the work to make that list and we should have easier access to it.) Thank you again!


I just tried but had "Error 404" :'(


But it MUST exist because I used it for about a day! It was set up in a format exactly like “Words” in my French Duo Lingo. I wasn’t imagining it. There must be someway to find it again.


Duolinjo upgraded system but user testmoogle reported another (possible) workaround:

Is the Japanese word bank workaround gone? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27326945


It doesn't exist, but this user has put together vocabulary from the course on tinycards:



WOW! Thank you LoriS!!!

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