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  5. "Nei takk, jeg kjører."

"Nei takk, jeg kjører."

Translation:No thanks, I am driving.

May 14, 2018



Is drunk driving a big problem in Norway?


Generally not, since penalties are high and the blood-alcohol level limit is very low, at 0.02 percent.


Is Norway one of the countries where the fine for drunk driving is scaled to your income?

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Yes, the fine is equal to one and a half months' salary.

Depending on the severity, offenders could also lose their driver's license and face jail time.

0,2-0,5 promille: Bot på 1,5 månedslønn, normalt ikke fengsel, normalt ikke inndragning av førerkort. Men førerkortet kan inndras i inntil ett år.

0,5-1,2 promille: Bot på 1,5 månedslønn, normalt betinget fengsel – men også ubetinget fengsel kan idømmes, inndragelse av førerkortet i minst ett år.

Over 1,2 i promille: Bot på 1,5 månedslønn, ubetinget fengsel i minst 21 dager, inndragelse av førerkortet i minst to år – i alvorlige tilfeller for alltid.


Well then take one for the road!


(Do not actually do this)


I was visiting rural Norway for a family reunion and was so impressed that although the celebration was a five minute drive from where we were staying with family, we all walked because even those that were only planning a glass of wine with dinner wouldn't chance it.


What would be "Don't drink and drive" in Norwegian? (I'm assuming it ends with "og kjør")


It's been a while since I lived there, so I'm not sure what current campaigns are running, but I can tell you that 'drink/drunk driving' is promillekjøring (lit. 'thousandth driving', a reference to the blood-alcohol legal limit) or fyllekjøring. One campaign I remember was 'bare ett glass', as in 'just one glass (of alcohol) is enough to put you over the limit'.

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