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"¿Disfrutaron ustedes sus vacaciones?"

Translation:Did you enjoy your vacation?

May 14, 2018



"All" is not strictly necessary to address a group in english.


My college English teacher explained that you all means 'all of you', that is more than one you.


True but "you all" or "all of you" is still not strictly necessary. You in English is both singular and plural.

[deactivated user]

    Two lessons ago i encountered "¿Ustedes disfrutaron la playa?" - so why does the verb come first here, but second in that example?


    It doesn't make a lot of difference where you place the subject pronoun in a yes-or-no question. "¿Ustedes disfrutaron la playa?" sounds like we're focussing on the people: "Did you, specifically, enjoy the beach?" In the sentence "¿Disfrutaron ustedes sus vacaciones?" it sounds less emphasised, maybe more clarifying that I'm talking to "you" instead of "them". But the difference is small and the precise meaning can be modulated by which word you emphasise when speaking.


    "las vacaciónes" was rejected in favor of "sus vacaciones" But the coaching statement did not seem to be helpful. It stated: "vacaciones" is plural, not feminine. However, it is both plural and feminine. The real problem seems to be the use of the definite article "las" instead of the possessive "sus".


    Sounds like that coaching statement was the problem. An error. 'sus vacaciones' is simply 'your vacation'. As opposed to THE vacation. Las vacaciones.


    I agree that las vacaciones should be accepted, Harold. I think it's one of those things that is personal to the person/people addressed.


    I also am not clearly understanding when you put usteades after the verb and not in front.the verb.


    Why isn’t it tus vacationers?


    Idma, we're talking to multiple people here, addressing them as ustedes. The possessive form of ustedes is su. The form tu would be used if we were talking to a single person as tú:

    • ¿Tú disfrutaste tus vacaciones?


    why is it necessary to write all inthe english translation


    It is not necessary.


    Why is vacation always plural in Spanish when you're only talking about one vacation?


    Why is holiday(s) as a translation marked incorrect in favor of vacation(s)?


    I tried " did all of you enjoy your vacation" and was rejected. I have been told that we need to honor regional variations which is a good thing. I does not help me learn Spanish when all of the examples use a regional variation foreign to a lot of English speakers. Would you translate "all of you" into ustedes or not when they say it is wrong. If "all of you" is not ustedes there is no translation for ustedes in my region which includes several countries.


    That's why there's a report button. The newer sentences haven't matured enough. The oldest sentences have five years of suggestions. In the end, every ustedes sentence should have:


    You all...

    All of you...


    You lot...


    Sometimes Duo also accepts "you guys."


    I feel I am correct here


    I liked my vacation The Duo thinks I should have enjoyed it


    You = usted and ustedes. When each or other

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