Translation:Did you all enjoy your vacation?

6 months ago



"All" is not strictly necessary to address a group in english.

5 months ago


My college English teacher explained that you all means 'all of you', that is more than one you.

5 months ago


True but "you all" or "all of you" is still not strictly necessary. You in English is both singular and plural.

4 months ago


"las vacaciónes" was rejected in favor of "sus vacaciones" But the coaching statement did not seem to be helpful. It stated: "vacaciones" is plural, not feminine. However, it is both plural and feminine. The real problem seems to be the use of the definite article "las" instead of the possessive "sus".

6 months ago


Sounds like that coaching statement was the problem. An error. 'sus vacaciones' is simply 'your vacation'. As opposed to THE vacation. Las vacaciones.

3 months ago


Two lessons ago i encountered "¿Ustedes disfrutaron la playa?" - so why does the verb come first here, but second in that example?

2 weeks ago
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