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The Verb, "Desayunar"

What is the difference between "desayunar" and "desayunar de"?

May 14, 2018



Desayunar means to have breakfast:
Me gusta desayunar temprano.
I like to eat breakfast early.

According to WordReference.com, you can use "desayunarse de" which means to find out something (but you're late to find it out). Here's the example they give:
¿Ahora te desayunas tú de que lo han nombrado jefe?
You just found out that he got promoted to manager?

You can also say "desayuno de" but in this case desayuno is a noun, meaning breakfast.
Como un desayuno de huevos revueltos.
I eat a breakfast of scrambled eggs.

Did you see "desayunar de" in a sentence and if so could you share that sentence with us?


Good answer, but the example is about "desayunarse". It is for unexpected information (no always late). "Me desayuné con la reunificación alemana".


"Desayunar de" is not possible, but read Lrtward's explanation for "desayunarse de".

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